Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Final Evaluation

Well unfortunately as I said before the T-MAN character couldn't be completed because i cant publish it as the policy says, beside i need to be over 25 and i should have a program that do the job. We at first we planned to make a teacher a hero that stops the bullies, we had all the details and information we needed and then we switched to sploder which worked fine. Although T-MAN failed, i still animated it fully and at the same time i worked on my bully game and the creating was perfectly fine. I tried my best to make the game simple and out of Violent and i also fully animated it, made it colorful and interesting, not too easy too.

I could improve the game by making it more like a school, but i tried and it was flat and boring, so i made it out of imagination. I would make it a bit more complicated and harder to finish so it gets more challenge. The time plan was completed at the right time, so technically i have no problem.

It was easy and simple to do, so i would say that i had no problems doing the project. yet i have no feedback yet so, i have no idea. On me, i learned that bullying doesn't lead to you to anywhere. on others i didn't really get any feedback so im not sure. It effects positivity on them, it shoes how we should not bully and we will end up alone in a dark place.

On week 1: we spent half of the week planing and the other searching a way or program to do it.

On week 2: we stayed on searching and I started working on my CS4. and we found sketch star.

On week 3: i almost finished T-MAN but i couldn't publish it so we started searching again.

On week 4: we stopped working on sketch star, but i stayed working on my T-MAN and we found sploder so we started doing sketches and tests.

On week 5: we took some feedback and we modified and finalized the whole games.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009